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CoreTrex is your partner for unparalleled Amazon marketplace success, driving powerful e-commerce strategies for businesses and ambitiously aiming to cultivate growth for over 100 brands.

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Unlocking Amazon Success with CoreTrex

We focus on transforming brands with exceptional Amazon marketplace strategies & execution. All backed by our Growth Guarantee.

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The values that drive everything we do

At CoreTrex, the heart of our operation beats to the rhythm of our core values—courage, customer-centricity, innovation, and patience. These are not mere words on a page, but the essence of every strategy we devise, every decision we make, and every client interaction we have.

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At CoreTrex, we cultivate a culture of innovation, constantly harnessing cutting-edge technology and creative approaches to propel our clients' Amazon success to new heights.

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Driven by courage, we take bold and calculated risks, stepping beyond the conventional to unlock unprecedented e-commerce growth opportunities for our clients.

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Understanding the unique e-commerce terrain, we exercise patience, strategically navigating each client's journey to Amazon success with thorough planning and diligent execution.

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Our principle of stewardship underscores our commitment to responsible management, fostering lasting relationships with our clients, and ensuring their resources are optimally utilized for maximum return.

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We uphold honesty as a cardinal virtue at CoreTrex, assuring our clients of complete transparency and authenticity in all our strategies, decisions, and communications.

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Seeking & Solving

Living by the value of 'Seeking & Solving,' we actively identify challenges and promptly deploy innovative, effective solutions, ensuring our clients' Amazon operations remain agile and successful.

The milestones of CoreTrex



CoreTrex was launched in 2020, driven by the vision to provide unparalleled Amazon marketplace strategies to help businesses thrive in the e-commerce landscape.


Year 1 Complete

In 2021, CoreTrex proudly marked its first full year of operation, successfully assisting numerous clients in optimizing their Amazon presence and fostering remarkable growth.


Brand Growth

In 2022, we expanded our scope of services, introducing innovative solutions that further strengthened our clients' competitiveness in the Amazon marketplace.


Brand Acquisition

By 2023, CoreTrex established itself as a leading Amazon agency, managing an impressive portfolio of clients and achieving significant revenue milestones.


Manage Over $100M

Come 2024, CoreTrex continues its upward trajectory, relentlessly driving towards its ambitious goal of managing brands and achieving over $100MM in managed revenue.

Frequently asked questions


Do you offer a growth guarantee?

If you are for any reason unsatisfied with your service under CoreTrex, we offer a 30 day trial period. You keep all of the work, design assets, and progress we've made on your business and don't pay a dime.


What does "Full-Service" mean?

Our team handles everything related to your Amazon account except product design and the actual "creation" of
Amazon FBA shipments. 


What does weekly service look like?

Keep in mind that the below breakdown is a general overview of our service to the brands that partner with us, and the actual weekly service may differ based on your brand's unique business needs.

Performance Analysis:
Our team begins each week by analyzing the performance of your Amazon account in the previous week. This analysis may include sales data, traffic metrics, advertising performance, and other key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess your account's health and identify areas for improvement.
Amazon SEO Optimization: Our team will optimize your product listings using relevant keywords, compelling product titles, bullet points, and product descriptions to improve your product's visibility in Amazon's search results.
Advertising Management: If you are running Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns, the agency will manage your ad spend and optimize the campaigns for better performance. They might adjust bids, target keywords, and ad placements to maximize the return on investment (ROI) for your advertising efforts.
Inventory Management: Keeping a close eye on your inventory is crucial for maintaining a healthy Amazon store. Our team monitors your inventory levels, forecast demand, and recommend reordering strategies to avoid stockouts.
Competitor Analysis: We analyze your direct competitors' performance and strategies to identify potential opportunities and areas where you can gain a competitive advantage.
Feedback and Review Management: We manage customer feedback and reviews, responding to customer queries, and addressing negative feedback to maintain a positive brand reputation.
Market Trends and Insights: We keep you updated on relevant market trends, changes in Amazon's algorithms, and industry insights to adapt your strategies accordingly.
Reporting: At the end of each week, you can expect a detailed report from the agency summarizing the week's activities, the results achieved, and any recommendations for future improvements.
Strategy Discussions: We provide regular (bi-monthly & Ad Hoc) strategy meetings or calls with your brand to discuss progress, upcoming campaigns, and long-term goals.


Do you service my direct competitors?

We prioritize brand confidentiality and avoid servicing direct competitors simultaneously. This practice ensures that there is no conflict of interest and that each brand receives personalized attention and strategies tailored to their specific needs.